About Us

The mission of Collections Unlimited is to be unequaled in the area of debt collection. We are totally committed to excellence in service to our customers. We intend to achieve our mission by following our business code.

Corporate Philosophy

We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations every time on time.

We recognize that CU’s accomplishments are the work of people who comprise CU. We will encourage initiative, recognize individual contribution, treat each person with respect and fairness, and afford ample opportunity for growth within CU. CU’s staff is highly trained, well informed and properly motivated.

We expect our associates to meet the highest standards of professionalism and have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations governing our industry.

Success as a business requires that we achieve reasonable profits in order to maintain our role as a leader in the collection industry.

Business Code

Since its founding, Collections Unlimited has operated with a philosophy of controlled growth. We believe that the key to a successful collection operation is to hire, train and motivate true collection professionals. Maximum concentration is given to customer service and the collection area to create high returns for our clients. With high returns for quality clients, our company will continue to operate successfully and profitably.


The collection department is staffed with experienced, professional collectors. All collectors are graduates of the FDCPA school (Fair Debt Collection Practices) through the American Collectors Association. Most have completed the necessary schooling through ACA to become a Certified Collector. They are highly motivated, and thus, expected to produce the highest returns.


With a combination of paid in fulls and acceptable monthly payment schedules, a high return is produced. Reporting and service to our clients is crucial to our success.


The owners are actively involved in controlling the daily operation and direction of the company. With this kind of participation, operations can be managed effectively to create mutually profitable relationships. Our reputation with existing clients must bear out our contentions. We are proud of our accomplishments in past years, and we plan to continue this pattern in the years to come.