Collection Programs and Services

  • Find-em Unlimited – For those accounts that you no longer have a good address, but would prefer to attempt a contact with your internal efforts before actual referral to a third party if you could just come up with a current address or phone number.
  • Pre-Collection – Lowering collection costs while retaining the power of a third party collection agency is the key benefit of the Pre-Collect Program. The Pre-Collect Program offers our clients a series of letters, carefully drafted and printed on our letterhead, that are designed to deliver results while maintaining good customer relations. And, with one fixed-fee per account, you’ll be able to increase your cash flow, lower costs, and spot problem accounts early.
  • Owner Associations
  • College & University Receivables
  • Medical – Dental
  • Retail
  • Commercial

Debt collection agreement
Debt Collection Services
Collection Procedures

Accounts placed for collection are entered into our system within 48 hours after receipt. The initial notice is generated immediately, with successive notices scheduled automatically in 21 to 30-day intervals, depending upon the type of account.

The overwhelming majority of the debtors who do pay, will do so as a result of telephone conversation with a collector. We make an extensive effort to obtain telephone numbers, residence listings and place of employment.

This is done by talking to neighbors, obtaining credit reports and contacting other creditors. In this process, we are able to secure non-published numbers or employment phone.

Our initial telephone contact, often before the first notice is received, is an effort to determine the intention of the debtor to resolve the obligation.

Our collection effort includes a combination of telephone contacts and letters. Skip tracing is an integral part of collection efforts due to the fact that up to 50% of accounts received from any source do not have a good address. Our extensive resources of data bases, to obtain phone numbers nationally, provide us with the tools necessary for the function.

Locating attempts are extensive and limited in scope only by the letter and spirit of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and local and state regulations.